Sunday, February 12, 2006

College Poker Girl entry nineteen

Kim's Family Problems
Kim's mom, Debbie, is in her late 30's, but looks much younger. She has an average build, and she has been blessed with captivating green eyes that make men stop and stare. Unfortunately she inherited the alcoholic trait that is very prevalent in her family.
Debbie is somewhat bitter and cynical, unable to maintain an even keel in a relationship. She has never quite recovered from her husband, Ron, leaving town with an exotic dancer years ago. Her insecurities and mistrust only hasten her forays down the drinking path.
Turner and Debbie dated at one time, and although their relationship ended long ago, Turner and Kim's bond never faltered. He has always provided the father figure that she needs in her life.
Kim pulls up in her 4Runner to the condo she and her mother own. She is anxious to get online. She is trying to qualify for the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. The front door is slightly ajar. Kim tenses up. "Mom, you here, Mom?" Then she hears a mumbling groan coming from the back bedroom. She rushes to the back and finds her Mom crumpled on the floor. "Mom, what's wrong?" As Kim kneels to the floor, the stench of hard liquor causes her to reel back. Her Mom looks pasty white and incoherent as she lays in a drunken stupor.

"Mom, oh my God...Mom" Kim's mother groggily lefts her head up and slurs, "Kim, all men are bastards, liars and cheats." Her head slams back on the tile floor and she is out. Kim calls 911, then calls Jill hysterically. "Jill, Mom is passed out on the floor and she looks like a corpse. I called 911. Please call Bekka and meet me at St. John's Hospital." Jill answers "We'll meet you there Kim. OMG, Call me as soon as the ambulance leaves for the hospital."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

College Poker Girl entry eighteen

Anna realizes she has talked longer than she should. "I'll be back later; I have to keep those wolves' whistles whetted." "OMG! She's a poet too! Poker skills, beauty and brains. I'll just have to marry you!" James is teasing again.

James doesn't sit alone more than a minute or two before a stunning topless dancer approaches him. James has witnessed this dancer before although her beauty and figure put her at the elite of the club, she does not have many repeat customers.
One point that many exotic dancers often miss is that men are looking for a connection of some kind. The dancers think if they have larger boobs or sexier outfits it will make them earn more. Some of the most successful dancers are not the most attractive. They simply listen to the gentlemen as they state their life’s problems and concerns. Beauty alone will get you in the door but it will not keep the men coming back. As James looks deeply into the beauties eyes he observes she has a vacant or robotic glare, she sees you simply as a $50 or $100 bill with no face or features
Dancing has become as automatic as driving your car to work on autopilot and the men can sense that.

"Hey honey, I'll give you the ride of your life!" she coos. "No thanks gorgeous, just here for a little conversation." She's not going to give up, not quite yet. She leans over and nudges her ample bosoms across his face. James feels absolutely no attraction to her, or to any of the other super knockouts roaming the place like caged Cheetah's waiting to pounce.

James has never been a big fan of topless bars. Two of his clients wanted to visit this club instead of having an ordinary lunch meeting; it was a chance to go to a strip club without risking grief from their wives. This is how he met Anna. As she served him a Heineken, he was struck by her wholesomeness and aura. He couldn't wait to hear about her life and find out more about her

It has been three months since their first meeting. James is now a Tuesday night regular at the bar. Over time they learned that they have a lot in common, plus they both love poker. Anna comes back with his second Heineken. "I see the sharks are circling, dear James." He quips, "Ahh, but I am armed with anti-stripper repellent. It's specially made for me, guaranteed to smell like poverty and scare anyone looking for money away!" Anna laughs, "You kill me, James! Got to run again and pay the bills. Hope to see you Friday." James says, "I'm out of here anyway. Til then..." He watches her walk away and then he leaves.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

College Poker Girl entry seventeen

Another clean-cut young businessman in his early 30's wearing a three-piece suit beckons Anna. She smiles as she approaches him. "Hello James, funny we should meet here again." With a twinkle in his eye he replies "You know I come here for your smile and your stimulating conversation. Did it occur to you that I have been here on your shift religiously for the last three months paying a king's ransom for my three drink minimum?"

"How could I not notice? $80 in tips for three Heinekens is a bit exorbitant, but it does help a poor poker playing college girl!" says Anna looking at him with a long face and puppy dog eyes! Continuing the flirtation, James comes back with "I feel it's worth the price! How do you feel about it , sweet Anna?" Anna ends the game with "Okay, Okay, knock it off! Are you going to Turner's Friday night to play? Some fresh meat is coming in." (For those who do not understand poker, this means new players.) "I am" replied James, "Now, what is going on with the Poker Girls?”
"OMG James, last night was a complete disaster! Jill and I were killing it at Turner's when Bekka calls up sobbing. Troy was up to his old tricks. Bekka had stepped out for a quick pee and it only took Troy 15 minutes to find someone to make out with!" "She's a glutton for punishment - you would think she would learn." James replied with some sympathy, yet there was something else in his voice. "Someday she will just snap. Right now you need to support her. I know you mentioned you and Jill try to pry her from Troy. Sometimes that backfires and makes the bond stronger." Anna agrees and adds, "Troy has just touched some part of Bekka that she either can't or won't let go."

Sunday, February 05, 2006

College Poker Girl entry sixteen

Alexandria’s Cabaret Topless Bar

Finding a part time job that paid above minimum wage to a new high school graduate with no work experience proved difficult for Anna.
Anna’s friend from school mentioned she worked at Alexandria’s Cabaret, it was known as one of the elite upscale topless establishment’s in the country. No expense was spared in the club’s décor from the walnut lacquered bar rails to the $5000.00 exquisite leather couches placed throughout the club. The lighting and sound system of the facility would rival any New York or LA nightclub.

Alexandria’s Cabaret cover charge to enter was $100 so it catered to the well to do businessmen, entertainers and athletes.
Anna immediately dismissed the idea, there was no way on earth she was going to be a stripper, even at a high-class establishment. Anna’s friend explained to her she just served cocktails in an outfit that covered more skin than any of the Bikinis they wore to the beach, and on busy night she earned over $350 in tips for a 6-hour shift.
This definitely peaked Anna’s interest, it would allow her more time to play poker and study for school. Anna decided to go in and talk to the manager of the club. The manager of the club and Anna hit it off and he explained they were looking for cute girls with a warm friendly attitude to balance the aggressive dancers tactics.
It is Tuesday night and Anna is halfway through her shift wears a sexy cocktail waitress outfit and serves drinks to the men ogling the nearly naked perfect 10s who are pole dancing on the stage and asking for table dances. An attractive 30ish stockbroker infatuated with Anna sits at a corner table watching as she moves around the room. Even though she doesn't compare with the 10s as far as pure beauty and fabulous body are concerned, Anna has an inner confidence and glow which makes the 10s look like extras on a movie set.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

College Poker Girl entry fifteen

As Anna breaks the opening shot, she talks to Jill about online poker. She plays a few hours here and there and has done remarkably well. During the last week she made over $600. "That's awesome!" Jill responds. "I prefer playing at Turner's. I don't have a credit card anyway and you need one to play for real money. You know I never want to play just for fun. By the way, loser buys the pitcher!"

Anna agrees and then says "Wouldn't it be awesome to go to Vegas for the World Series of Poker?" "Yeahhh, right! At $10,000 buy in--are you going to rob a bank?" Jill answers skeptically. "Jill, there are online satellite tournaments you can enter for $39. Sure there are 500 players to beat; but it would be worth a shot. The last two World Series of Poker Champions are online players and that's how they won their seats."

Jill puts in 3 balls in a row. "You have the talent girl. You have been playing and watching live poker at Turner's for years." "Well, I am going to give it a few tries. I'll let you know how it goes. Here's for the win baby!" Anna says as she eyes up a tough 2 ball combination and hits it to win." They share a high five!

"Jill, we'd better roll, okay? I have school tomorrow." Both girls smile and wave goodbye to the bartender and their friends on their way out. They walk through the alley back to the car they had left parked at El Torrito. They see Troy's car and jokingly wish they had some toilet paper so they could decorate it. "Shhhh, wait. Anna, looks like someone's in there." They crouch down and slide over. "A big ass moon hits the windshield! OMFG, Troy is doing the nasty in the backseat with some waitress!" They run to their car laughing and thinking that it's a good thing Troy and Bekka are over.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

College Poker Girl entry fourteen

Company policy is no drinking during work. Rick, the Manager, bailed out some time ago and asked Troy to lock up. It's been a long night and Troy is tempted to have a drink. A shot will certainly make the couple of hours until the bar closes easier to take.

Troy goes over his "groupies" and says, "This, my young beauties, is the way you do a "shooter". He rims the salt on the glass with his thumb and forefinger and then quickly slams the shot. Then he sucks the lime wedge. "Ahhh....Mexico's finest!" The girls giggle and tell Troy how great they think he is. He drinks a couple more shots. With each shot, the blonde looks better and better. Troy's inhibitions and self control are slipping away fast!

Anna and Jill finish their dinner and decide to head across the street for a few drinks at O'Malleys. As they enter, they are greeted with hellos from several former schoolmates. Anna suggests they play a game of 8 ball and Jill is all for it. She is super competitive and hates to lose at anything. "You're on!" she answers and they rack up and order a pitcher of beer.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

College Poker Girl entry fourteen

Troy heads back to the bar as his break is over
"Troy, can I have another coke please?" A cute blonde teenager with heavy mascara interrupts his thoughts. "Sure Anne, coming right up." Troy replies. "Troy, my name is Karen...I just told you that five minutes ago. Don't you remember me? I was in your remedial algebra class." Troy is more embarrassed about her mentioning the algebra class than the fact that he forgot her name. He had to take a basic freshman algebra class during his senior year in school; it didn't help a lot. In the end, the teacher floated him a C out of charity
interrupts his thoughts. "Sure Anne, coming right up." Troy replies. "Troy, my name is Karen...I just told you that five minutes ago. Don't you remember me? I was in your remedial algebra class." Troy is more embarrassed about her mentioning the algebra class than the fact that he forgot her name. He had to take a basic freshman algebra class during his senior year in school; it didn't help a lot. In the end, the teacher floated him a C out of charity.

"Sorry Karen, lots of drink orders!" The bar is empty except for Karen and her two girlfriends and two couples in their late 20's. Jill and Kim had been in for dinner earlier and had left some time ago. As time passes Troy looks at the "groupies" and Karen, the blonde, is starting to look pretty hot!