Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yahoo Big Day for me at Pokerstars

Hey some days you just got it today was a good day

I played a NL turbo and Qualified for the next upgrade tourney and won 2 SNG's and got a second and a 3rd, in the money in every game I played.

When you are on a rush, the euphoria you feel is hard to explain to non poker players. It as if you are elevated above the table lol and are watching all the other players and can see thier hands, know their moves and make very right decision, Even when you recieve a bad beat, you are able to scrape out with enough chips to stage a comeback.

I needed a good day

My Last two shifts at work were horrible. All the guys were in a grumpy mood and very little tipping going on hmmmmmmmm

Ups and Downs Oh by the way school sucks

Later Anna

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Now I have to admit this is Funny

I pulled this from Today March 20th Issue 2005

Top Nine ways to know your girlfriend is not going to win the Lady only Tournament

9. Arrived at the table a half hour late because fingernail polish color clashed with cards.
8. Cannot understand why Queens don't out rank Kings.
7. Sunglasses so dark can't see cards.
6. Every time she has an A,K she tells same "big slick" joke while raising.
5. Leaves on break with good looking dealer.
4. Crys hysterically every time flop is no help.
3. Wants to know if a string bet is like a string bikini.
2. Tells everyone what you said about playing a "big pair."
1. Too many Long Island Iced Teas!

Note: I am aware that any one of the professional lady players are quite capable of winning in any competition, male of female. Just ask those all those tough playing guys that fell to the aggressive genius of Annie Duke.

Later Anna

Saturday, March 19, 2005

No I am not a Topless Dancer

There is a nasty rumour going around it is totally untrue. Some local guys found out about my blog and were talking sh*t, this will set the record straight. I am employed at a local Phoenix Exotic night club but I am a cocktail waitress the tips are fantastic and my outfit is similiar to a more stylish playboy bunny style outfit.(no bunny tail lol) I show more skin at the pool than serving drinks to the patrons. I only work 1 or 2 shifts a week and make $140 to $270 per shift if the guys get drunk and tip happy.

Besides the late hours, this gives me money for school and allows me to play more poker online and not have to put in a ton of hours. The Club I work at is the creme de le creme of Phoenix Topless Cabarets and it mainly caters to an exectuve clientele.

Yes I have been offer some very interesting amounts to join the ladies

Now if a customer will pay my Buy in to the Big Dance WSOP 10k hmmmmmmmmmmm

no no that will not do

But when I hit it big in the poker world I do not want it to come back and haunt me

Later Anna

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wheew Jill's Mom let her off easy

Jill and her mom came to terms on the poker. Keep the grades up and no More Visa Hijacking, if she goes broke that is it.

Bekka's boyfriend Troy (Ex High School Jock Superstar now struggling to get a real job Waiter lol) Hey you know what, some people who thought they were all that in high school really aren't after it) Troy was the biggest prick in H.S, sorry don't mean to be bitter but what comes around goes around he treated everyone as trash beneath his feet.

Sorry to digress lol Bekka (Believe me I am trying to end it between these 2) after much cajoling of Troy was able to sneak into their weekly all boys Friday night poker game $50 No limit elimination Tourney Well to make a long story short Bekka cleaned the boys clock, Alot of bitter beer faces were seen as she raked the cash at 4.15 am Saturday morning

Troy asked Bekka for 1/2 when they left she told him to FO he laughed and told her she was throwing her $50 away a few hours earlier

Monday, March 14, 2005

Bad News Jill's Mom got the Visa Bill OMFG

Jill used her mom's Visa to put a deposit online at party poker last month. I asked her what the hell were you thinking?. Jill has been kicking ass and has tripled the $200 deposit and is using it for her bankroll. Jill told me she just was waiting for the right time. Well, girl the right time is before Mom's Visa bill hits the mailbox. Oh my God. Jill was keeping her online play a secret, not a respectable thing for a college girl to do. Just in the last 2 years of the poker explosion, the profession of being a poker pro acceptable with all the TV and Media coverage but Number 1 we are not poker pro's Number 2 It was the taking of the Visa being the main issue

Gotta give Jill a break funds are tight when you are a starving College student, and her heart was in the right place. Hey we are young we are gonna make mistakes

Will update you on the outcome in a few days

Anna A Out!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Annie Duke Rocks

This Lady is our Hero, she plays hard and takes no B.S from the Men. She is an inspiration to us to get out there and bang the felt. You go girl Annie!!!

annie duke