Monday, May 30, 2005

That slitherthing slimeball Troy is trying to worm

His way back into Bekka's life. We thought we were safe, the demon beast has risen from the ashes to try and lay claim to his fair poker maiden. Check earlier posts to hear about the Fabulous Troy and his sexual escapades.

Below is Troy getting read for a shift at El Torrito


Bekka is weakening under Troy's constant pleadings of atonement. Why is it when you are finally over someone in a breakup they surface again, with all the subletly of the Aliens baby popping fron the chest of the spaceworker.

I am single and overjoyed to be at this point in my life.

The three poker girls were gonna take this Summer by storm

Stay tuned for the continuing saga

Out Anna

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I got my New Party Poker Player ID

If anyone wants to watch me play laugh cry our lend encouragement it is all good

AnnaPoker now that is original isn't it

Wish me Luck or send some cash J/K

Gotta go Cya Anna

Friday, May 27, 2005

Jill is taking no prisoners playing SNG's at poker Stars

Isn't that just typical. I move to Party Poker and Jill just goes on an absolute rush at PokerStars.

You Go Jill! She has not had a losing session in 2 weeks, come on!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, when you are rolling like Doyle Brunson states keep playing it no matter what your next hand is.

Jill needed a bit of good fortune after her tough Spring.

At this Point, close to the end of the month, Jill looks to be a Shoe in for our 3 Girl poker earnings contest for May

Rock on Jill

remember Drinks are on You!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Taking a Break from PokerStars Moving to Party Poker

I have had a miserable 2 1/2 weeks of May at PokerStars, Now I know why they call it River Stars in the chat window. Bad beats are part of poker I know that well, but.........

There will be no bad beat stories of hard to imagine 1 and 2 outers.

Moving on down the road to Party Poker, My bankroll is down $189 for the month of May but I feel the need to try another venue. I have also been told the quanitity of fish at party poker is much greater than at Stars

So you will not See my PokerStars ID AnnaAssasin at Pokerstars for a few weeks

I will post my new party poker ID for any railbirds soom

greener pastures await at party poker lol hopefully

Later Anna

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Working as a Cocktail waitress can be a drag sometimes

Sure there are fun nights where everyone is in a party mood, it is like I am being paid on a wild rage night out with the girls. The tips are flying, the atmosphere is electric, when you get home after closing you are so wired from the action you cannot fall asleep until 4 am.


You then have nights where you have to fend off advances from several different type of drunk bar zoo animals.

The Angry Brown bear drunk
This creature will angrily snarl and act obnoxious if you fend off his grab assing or date invitations.

The sloth bar drunk
Weeping moaning whining and how women did this pathetic mammal wrong will need to be endured for your entire shift with numerous attempts made to partner with you.

The King of the Jungle Drunk
With his long sweeping mane and bulging muscles this king of the jungle inebriate will try and bedazzle you with stories of conquests and riches beyond compare

Sorry I had to get this off my chest most customers kick butt

Gotta get online and play some cards

Later Anna

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Shana Hiatt Friend or Foe To the Women Poker Pro's

Shana seems down to earth and honest.

She states she does not play much poker but the girls like her anyway

Here is an excerpt from a WPT interview

shana hiatt

SH: Poker is a game of skill and luck; I am extremely impressed with the focus and determination the players display during these tournaments. Other than that, I am not sure that there is any rule of thumb for what makes a good poker player. Our players are men and women of all ages and diverse nationalities. I have seen a conservative 61-year-old grandmother compete against a 21-year-old man whose poker playing was inspired by the movie "Rounders." At the WPT Championship, Kirill Gerasimov, with only 18 months of experience, wound up heads up against pro Alan Goehring. I think that is what makes this game so exciting: anyone who is a dedicated player and willing to take risks has a chance to win.

WPT: Who are some of your favorite poker players?

SH: Now you're trying to get me in trouble. I can't be partial. I love them all.

WPT: Have you ever played poker yourself?

SH: I have played a couple of times since I started the show, and I have to admit, it is very exciting. The rush you feel when you know you have them beat…it's enough to make you want to quit your job and play poker for a living!

WPT: What was the most memorable aspect of Season One for you?

SH: Season One of World Poker Tour was special for me because of the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people who truly love the sport. Steve Lipscomb, CEO of World Poker Tour, is dedicated to the show and bringing poker to the TV audience. He has created this unique opportunity for everyone. Mike is incredible with his in-depth knowledge and long dedication to the sport. Vince is the perfect partner to Mike - he has such a knack for bringing humor to the commentary. And of course the players are amazing. It has been my good fortune to meet so many interesting and talented people.

WPT: Shana, I have seen you do retake after retake, and you never seem to get tired or annoyed. You always have a big smile on your face, and you make everyone around you feel special. I look forward to working with you again during

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Poker Girls Rocked on in April 2005

Well the results are in for April

your truly Anna known as AnnaAssassin won first place of the up and coming women poker pro's
1st place out of our 3, now that is a big lineup huh? lol

With net online poker earnings of $789 ( and this was after a miserable last week of April)

Jill squeaked into second with poker winnings of $567

Bekka came on strong to close out April 2005 at a close 3rd $498

Now from what we read online 90 percent of the poker players online lose money

We study the poker books read the forums and we anaylze our play and get our money in with the best hand to start

It seems to be working

Drinks tonight

Cya Anna

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

World Poker Tour or World Series of Poker

The girls were discussing which poker TV shows were more entertaining. The WPT, Bekka and I gave a thumbs up over the WSOP. Jill Loves the editing and the layout of the WSOP segments on ESPN.

Bekka and I felt you get more of a real taste of poker with the WPT due to the fact it is a longer show at one time. Even though you see hands played at the fianl table which may not be early in a tournament, due to stack sizes etc.

So the vote is 2-1 in Favor of the WPT on the travel channel

Later Anna