Thursday, June 23, 2005

After further thought.....................................

Words are like a double-edged sword; I reread my last post lol

Now I (Anna)

May Use the blade in a far different manner than illustrated below to evil posters!!!

No!!!!!, I do not give happy endings

To rephrase" Do to the massive amount of cocktails served, over an excessively long period of time. The stresses on muscle groups created by the above said serving tray, caused exterior limb to feel numb and detached.

Wow, I gotta really watch what I say

Good Fun Though


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Work has been crazy

my arm feels like it is gonna fall off. The tips were great though!

Hope to have some free time Friday to play some SNG's


Monday, June 20, 2005

The Dogs of Poker

Hey my head is clear and I felt a little creative today. Here are some of my thoughts about the dogs of poker.
Here is the crew in a tough live game Woo Wooo who let the dogs out Woooo Woooo

Doyle (The Legend)

The master and teacher of all that is poker good!.

Fossilman (Pretenderous Largessness)

Okay this Pooch is too slim for Fossil but the Glasses and general face shape help me out here.

Barry Greenstein(Intelligentus Droopylidmus)

Barry The charitable wonder. Good guy maby someone could spike him a couple of Red Bulls he needs a little Zip

Clonie (Coifus Modelsus)

The Coifed Hair tight lipped smile could only be our beloved Clonie Poodle

Thomas Keller (Alibinocus Thunderous Immensnus)

Thomas Should keep out of the Sun his healthy golden tan could lead to premature wrinkling

Hey this is all in jest Poker Pros

Later Anna

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ugggggggggggghhhhh Morning After

Too many long island iced tea's last night, have you had those morning after dizzy spells, as you feel a slight bead of perspiration when you take up the monumental task of just sitting upright in bed after a crazy night out. You wish you had let it go. Sometimes you spend so much energy trying not to heave, the temples on the side of your head feel like someone just jammed two bolts in there like on Frankenstein's neck.

Sorry to ramble in my near incoherent state.

No poker this weekend I wish I had stayed home and played online instead, though last night did have its moments

I am flattered by the post's questioning if I am real or not lol

From what I read most women who play are somewhat middle age etc now come on now

Annie is sexy and a mom, Clonie is a clueless Barbie sorry we do not dig Clonie

In regards to a picture of us, definitely doable when we all get together Jill is gone until after the 4th

Later pop pop fizz fizz ohhhhhh it didn’t relieve the pain


Friday, June 17, 2005

I have been asked to turn comments on

So I have, butttttttttttttttt if I get any degrading or sexist remarks I will shut them off, this blog has been a trip and really fun so far. The people who have emailed me have been supportive and sincere.

the community of these poker blogs is quite cool, I just don't want to kill the fun buzz

so I will give it a shot



Thursday, June 16, 2005

Poker Blogs I found a whole group of

people who are active in all aspects of poker blogging which is really cool!. I am still trying to learn how to do more with my Blog. I have mastered adding pictures , I only do this a couple of days a week. If any poker bloggers see this and have any recommendations on where to learn more on blogging please email me

I spent so much time reading all the poker posts yesterday my head was spinning

I added a few comments to some other poker blogs this week that was fun



Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why is poker so addicting

The escape and total concentration, the euphoria of a win, the anticipation as the flop hits. The agony of a crushing bad beat all in a single poker game

As most poker players will attest the combination of skill, luck, opponents, make a intoxicating mix of pleasure and pain

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Did you ever have one of those bad poker days

Now being a college girl you think i would be concerned about bad hair days Hah!

that is nothing compared to a bad poker bad beat day.

GEtting hit by ridiculous callers and 2 out wonder is enough to make you take a few weeks of playing poker online.

It shure feels good to Rant, I read the books and i just need to play solid poker
and this will blow over

right? right? please tell me?


Monday, June 13, 2005

Anyone care to Sponsor Me for The Word Series Of Poker

I will wear any legal advertsing, Hey ESPN will surely find interest in the College Poker Girl trying to make it big at the World Series of Poker 2005.

How About WSOP Girls Gobe Wild Video tons of marketing angles

Well, I can dream, I am running out of time to win my seat via the sattelite route

Hey i do have skills too


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Party Poker XOXO Love the fish

Since switching over from Pokerstars I have been on quite a rush at Party Poker.
The sng's are a little different structure than Stars(less starting chips) but overall I like PP better. Well, to be honest wherever you are winning poker is always the best place to play Riiiiight!!!.

At Party Poker there are sooooo many little fishies playing you feel like a clerk at the local pet store handling the fresh water fish department.

Sure you get more suckouts but when I play solid ABC poker the $$$$$ are adding up

Gotta Fly now


Monday, June 06, 2005

What a weekend San Diego Style

Well here is a brief recap we Got to San Diego at about 3 Friday afternoon it is only about a 7 hour drive from Scottsdale We proceeded directly to the beach the weather was perfect and we swam in front of the Ocean Beach Pier for 2 hours. The waves were small and rolling so the hard core surf crew was not to be seen.

ocean beach

We left for the Condo at sunset proceeded to shower and glam up for the night. Heading to Pacific Beach at about 10.30pm the summer party crowd was just starting to buzz.

At about 1 am the Scene was electric the excitement of the mainly college crowd filled the air good fun was had by all. No guttural explosion to be seen just a cool party

We got back to the Condo at about 3am and crashed immediately.

Saturday night was the bomb after another awesome day at the beach we were invited to a friends house party in La Jolla.

Well gues what a group of guys were having a poker game.

You know what happens next we meekly approach the table and asked if we could give it a try.

Being new to the game but seeing it on TV a couple of times

8 hours later and $650 profit between the three of us the guys blamed it on begineers luck which we shrugged our shoulders and agreed


Poker paid for our trip and then some

what a great weekend


Friday, June 03, 2005

Oh Yeah We are going to San Diego For the Weekend

Bekka, Jill and I are packing our 1989 Toyota forerunner with a mere 248,000 miles to get out of the blistering Arizona heat for a Party weekend in San Diego, Woooo Hoooooo Schools out for Summer sing it with me Schoools out for Summer (Alice Cooper people)

It is time to Rage, Pacific Beach Hear we come.

We are crashing at one of our High School girlfriend's Condo. She is going to SDSU

Hey guys 4 girls massive drinking, Look us up in PB look for loud obnxious drunk college poker player girls.

Gone F@@king wild Pardon my French

wild girls

Sorry had to blow some steam

Woooo Wooooo