Monday, July 25, 2005

This is Been a Cruel Hot Summer

I am going to pull the curtains back on this Arizona Tall Tale. It may have been started by Real Estate agents trying to lure Snow Birds (this is the local Arizonan's word for our northern neighbors who reside in the Midwest and Canada

Arizona is a hotbox hellhole in the summer!

Living in Arizona, you hear everybody say,"oh it's dry heat" when the mercury tops 108 let me tell you something dry or not 108 is fricking hot, when it gets to 116 degrees like last week you become somewhat shell-shocked going from place to place. Air conditioning in your car, to air conditioning at your work, the extreme blasts of cold and hot seems to throw off your equilibrium,
Putting you in a catatonic state where even simple tasks become too much for the mind to bear.

Along with the B.S. I had to deal with last week at the club from Troy; I can hardly wait for this summer to end.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

I am so pissed I am ready to SCREAM

Last night at the Club I was 1/2 though my shift when trouble walked in. Troy the king all of scumbags and Bekkas Ex boyfriend strutted into the club like he just won the apprentice spot from Donald Trump.

Unfortunately; for Troy, in this reality he is still the assistant manager at our little better than Denny’s local Mexican food hangout.

Troy of course had 2 of his ass kissing minions also ex high school football players in tow. The true lost boys, high school is over morons move on no one really gives a shit anymore (sorry I am really pissed right now)

Troy gave me a condescending nod as he headed for a corner booth with his 2 goons. Troy feels and he is quite correct I helped put the a dagger in his relationship with my best friend Bekka

Sorry, he is the one who got caught with his pants down.

Anyway after the non-tipping losers proceeded to down about 20 pitchers of beer of course they come in for Wednesday night (low budget losers) we have our drink specials

Troy proceeds to flag me over which I ignore. He asked for me to serve them with was handled by my middle index finder directed toward him and his crew.

After Troy gathered some liquid courage at about 1pm he swaggered over to me and with his disgusting beer breath he asks me if I want to go outside.

I am glad no one had a camera for the picture of my face at that moment I fear it may have made me look like some demented she devil. I took a deep breath and walked away he then grabbed my ass

That was it, I turned and slapped him so hard in the face even in the club there was a loud enough crack several tables turned around.
I ran to Joe one of our bouncers and told him to throw those Assholes out

Being fondled in a public place, I should press charges, it just makes me sick especially by that (I am not even going to type it)

Well it is the next day I am still livid hopefully this post will help me vent

Sorry I am not normally like this but

I gotta go


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When Pauly Leaves Vegas What will we do?

I think I may have to enter a 30 day outpatient program when Pauly of Tao of Poker Decides to Bail the redneck Riviera.(his blog is so addicting) Pauly should sell the rights to a reality TV hard nights/ long days at the ole redneck inn. If you check Pauly comments hundreds of his fans around the globe await Pauly's next sordid update.

Maby one of the independent networks could pay Pauly to stay and write weekly epsiodes.

Thanks Pauly for letting us in who could not make it in the big dance


Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Magnificent Pauly at the WSOP

Isn't it so much easier to glom on a great guy like Pauly at the Tao of Poker Blog, I have not been in the mood to write much, Summer Work Blues, but dam it sure is fun to let Pauly Pound the keyboard into oblivion, bouncing around the room should be Pauly's new tag line, the mental picture it creates is awesome. I find myself checking back every couple of hours per day since the big dance started this week. I hate to admit, as the bustouts roll I anxiusly await the next big name poker victim.

I am, a big underdog noname fan, give us all poker pro wannanees a glimmer of hope

sorry I have not figured out the link thing yet

but here is his web address stop on by and read, he also covers the dark side

hsssssssss breathe Pauly I am your father hssssssssss breath (Darth Vader)

later Anna

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Lost Weekend

Hmmmmm is this a poker blog, I have not played poker in over 1 week, a new record. The club has been busy,I raged with some dancers at and after hours club Saturday, well umm I mean Sunday morning. Slept all day Sunday, went to a pool party today(hair of the dog a day later) Dam it's hot in Arizona.

Hope to get back on schedule this week

good luck to all the ladies at the WSOP This Week


Friday, July 01, 2005

wow what a week July 4th

too much traffic too much work, blah blah blah sorry to whine, hey how about a little cheese with a serving of my whine

Jennifer Tilly kicks ass, we had no idea she was the unabombers girlfriend we love the hooded maniac

Tilly, 46, said she's learned plenty of pointers from her boyfriend, poker player Phil "Unabomber" Laak.

"When you're living with Phil, you kinda learn by osmosis," Tilly told "Even in the middle of the night, he wakes up screaming out poker terms. Most guys scream out other girls' names. He'll wake up and go, `I should have bet more on the turn.'"