Monday, July 25, 2005

This is Been a Cruel Hot Summer

I am going to pull the curtains back on this Arizona Tall Tale. It may have been started by Real Estate agents trying to lure Snow Birds (this is the local Arizonan's word for our northern neighbors who reside in the Midwest and Canada

Arizona is a hotbox hellhole in the summer!

Living in Arizona, you hear everybody say,"oh it's dry heat" when the mercury tops 108 let me tell you something dry or not 108 is fricking hot, when it gets to 116 degrees like last week you become somewhat shell-shocked going from place to place. Air conditioning in your car, to air conditioning at your work, the extreme blasts of cold and hot seems to throw off your equilibrium,
Putting you in a catatonic state where even simple tasks become too much for the mind to bear.

Along with the B.S. I had to deal with last week at the club from Troy; I can hardly wait for this summer to end.



Blogger stefNfloyd said...

A can totally relate ! I live in the Valley too and as such, I've initiated a revolution of 'casual' Fridays into 'beach' Fridays just as an excuse to wear shorts to the office. No one has yet sent me home to return with slacks and a button-down, so all is good for today. Best of luck surviving the rest of the summer.

12:21 PM  
Blogger DrM2B said...

I like to describe how the weather is when others ask as....."like the high setting on your hair-dryer".......x'cept now with the redicuous humidity.....I'm at a loss for wait....."its fuckin scorchin".....should do...huh?
***Melting in the NW valley....DrM2B

1:50 PM  

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