Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaap I just got slapped

School is in session I guess, my spelling and grammar teacher just sent me to detention. A Super Rude Bastard lol just kidding let me know I need to hire a translator to make my posts readable.

I promise I will run the spelling and grammer in Mircosoft Word from now on, well
I mean if i feel like it.

do you like my version of grammar in the previous sentence?

Point taken, yet how often do you really listen to your parents or your boss in real life

stay tuned

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When it goes bad it just does not stop

I am a low roller when playing online poker and I mainly stick to sitngo's because I really like the tournament style aspect and it limits your losses, ummmmmmmmmmmm well
it did for about 6 months.

In a period of 48 hours I lost around $200, I have not had to make a deposit since early January and cashed out 3 times in year to date.

Have you ever felt disgust for a whiner in the chat box because his pocket aces got cracked, like we have not seen that before?

And as he finally leaves everyone makes comments like "like we have never seen that before blah blah blah" when you have taken your share of bad beats online you become numb but you know solid play will get you back.

Well that philosophy worked up to this point.

Okay please no comment like how about some cheese with your WHINE I get it I get it

In successive hands I was beat by sickout after suckout with being the favorite going in on almost 90 percent of my hand
I lost to 4 of a kind 3 full houses miracle gut shot draws on and on and on

That’s poker, but when you play solid ABC poker playing good starting hands
Looking for danger on flops



Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Have you ever been pelted by rain in 100 degree

heat. I reccomend you get your butts outside and try it. It often amazes me how residents of Phoenix withstand these brutal summers year after year and when they finally get a few hours of relief, scamper like scared bunnies from the rain

There is nothing quite like standing outside fully clothed and enjoying the refreshing rain, raise you hands up to the heavens, you have seen it in the movies
do it, it is a trip

The smog is washed away and the air has a fresh dewey smell if only for a few hours

Enjoy Phoenix Enjoy

I hope this positive post will get me back on track, I won a sitngo last night at party poker and even a little thing like that just gives you a feeling of hope


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I know I shouldnt be writing this in my state of mind

This has got to stop,

and I don't want to sound like a bitch, because I am not

I am not looking for a boyfriend, and I am not going to post nude or near nude pictures
to prove my exsistence,In fact due to several recent emails I recieved that i will not go into, I am taking my photo down, I stumbled on this group of pretty cool poker bloggers and decided to give it a shot, my hat is off to these guys for blogging away day after day.

To be honest I really have more fun reading their blogs while playing sng's than writing

I have really enjoyed this poker blog, but i have to admit I could not be a writer full time.

and to top it off I think Troy put sugar in my gas tank I have no proof but after i got him kicked out of the club, i do not know but i am at my limit this summer

something good has to happen