Tuesday, January 31, 2006

College Poker Girl entry fourteen

Troy heads back to the bar as his break is over
"Troy, can I have another coke please?" A cute blonde teenager with heavy mascara interrupts his thoughts. "Sure Anne, coming right up." Troy replies. "Troy, my name is Karen...I just told you that five minutes ago. Don't you remember me? I was in your remedial algebra class." Troy is more embarrassed about her mentioning the algebra class than the fact that he forgot her name. He had to take a basic freshman algebra class during his senior year in school; it didn't help a lot. In the end, the teacher floated him a C out of charity
interrupts his thoughts. "Sure Anne, coming right up." Troy replies. "Troy, my name is Karen...I just told you that five minutes ago. Don't you remember me? I was in your remedial algebra class." Troy is more embarrassed about her mentioning the algebra class than the fact that he forgot her name. He had to take a basic freshman algebra class during his senior year in school; it didn't help a lot. In the end, the teacher floated him a C out of charity.

"Sorry Karen, lots of drink orders!" The bar is empty except for Karen and her two girlfriends and two couples in their late 20's. Jill and Kim had been in for dinner earlier and had left some time ago. As time passes Troy looks at the "groupies" and Karen, the blonde, is starting to look pretty hot!

Monday, January 30, 2006

College Poker Girl entry thirteen

Troy Disregards Rules - El Torrito

Troy is taking his 15 minute shift break from the bar at El Torrito (A popular Phoenix Mexican themed bar and grille). He is not happy. He has always been perturbed that Kim never responded to any of his advances. She not only turned him down once; she turned him down twice! "She must be a lesbian - come to think of it, she's only had one boyfriend that I know of." Troy feels better...he knows that's the answer.

If Jills hot shot dad a mesothelioma lawyer who made millions on absestos ligitation would ever offer him an internship position he could get back on track.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 12

Dinner at El Torrito - Anna & Jill

Anna and Jill are enjoying dinner at their favorite Mexican grill. It's only been a few weeks since graduation and the massive breakup of Troy and Bekka at Troy's high school graduation bash, but events surrounding the girls have been chaotic! Troy's fortunes have come to a crashing halt. He tore his left knee up playing pick up basketball; and all the scholarship offers rolled away like a tumbleweed through a deserted western town. His high school grades were too low to get any college help so Troy is now the Assistant Manager/Head Bartender at the popular El Torrito's. He hasn't lost any of his appeal, however, and he still has a bevy of high school beauties fawning over him.

"Why did we come here?" Jill asks Anna. "The sight of that scumbag, Troy, makes me ill."
Anna's answer is simple, "You know they have the best enchiladas in town, and he doesn't make the food so we are safe there. Anyway, he's in the back." Jill now says, "Can you believe it's been three weeks and counting since Bekka gave him the boot?" Anna hardly lets her finish before she pops out with, "and without your help! James was right. Just support Bekka and let her make her own decisions."

Jill goes on to tell Anna that Troy has been spreading the word all over town that he has changed his ways and he'll do anything to get Bekka back. "He does still pack them in, though, doesn't he?" Anna says as she nods her head towards a table of high school girls who are waiting for Troy to make an appearance. As if waiting for a cue, Troy saunters into the room and heads for the high school girls' table. "Oh,oh, Here comes Tom Cruise in cocktail all over again. I can see Troy's name in lights!" Anna announces and both girls laugh.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 11

Poker Evening
Meanwhile, Anna and Jill are at the poker tournament that Turner is hosting. There are two tables set up, with ten players at each table. It looks like a nice mix of players; mainly students and young professionals. Anna and Jill are the only girls playing, one sitting at each table. Anna's cell phone rings, and she checks the number. It's Bekka. "Uh, oh. Hope this isn't trouble."

Bekka is sobbing. "It is so hard to understand Troy. I left for twenty minutes to pee; when I got back he was making out with Amy. Why does he do this to me? Just before I left he was talking about getting married and having kids."

"What a jerk!" Anna thinks. Luckily she responds in a very calm voice "Bekka, go straight home. Jill and I will leave now and meet you there. Do not go anywhere else, do you understand?" Still sobbing, Bekka replies "I am so mad!" Jill repeats Anna's words, "Did you hear, Bekka? Go home now please! We'll be there in fifteen minutes, okay?" This time Bekka seems to hear and says "Okay".

In the four hours they've been playing, Anna has tripled her original buy in of $200. The other players have been grumbling about her "beginner's luck"; but Anna knows that she could beat the whole table if she had enough time. "Sorry guys, gotta bail, girlfriend trouble. Jill, let's go. Turner, we need to cash out fast. Bekka needs us." "No problem, hon" Turner relies.

"Hey, wait!" one of the college preppy guys is not happy. "This is bullshit. What is this,
Hit and Run Poker? She ain't leaving til we get a chance to get our money back." Two other college players grumble similar comments. Turner isn't going to stand for this "Sit your ass down and shut the hell up! There's no time limit for any player here. If you ever want to play again you'll zip it!" The college preppy, knowing that this is the main poker game in town decides to count his losses and sits back down sheepishly.

Anna takes her chips to Turner and he gives her the money. Then he gives her a big hug.
"Man, the thing with Troy is he just doesn't run a girl over and move in, he puts it in reverse and runs her over again." Jill replies "We know Troy has a stranglehold on Bekka." Anna finishes the conversation with "We'll keep fighting the good fight, Turner."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 10

Bekka heads upstairs and looks in all the rooms; she even checks the closets. She asks everyone she meets if they have seen Troy. Finally someone says they saw him by the back study downstairs about 10 minutes ago. The music is thundering as Bekka thanks the student and starts for the back study. She stops as if frozen in her tracks! Troy is making out with Amy in the far dimly lit corner! "How could he?" Bekka says to herself as she holds her hand to her mouth. She turns and runs out of the house, knocking over a vase and bumping into several students causing their drinks to fly skyward.

Seeing Bekka run, Troy's friend, Jay turns and sees Troy and the coed making out and just shakes his head. Bekka runs to her car, turns on the ignition and as she screeches off, she pulls out her cell phone and dials Anna's number.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 9

By this time Bekka is suffering from intense pain from the pressure on her bladder. She bolts out of the house and runs next door to the neighbors' house. Luckily she knows them - Mr. Jones is the assistant football coach and thinks Troy walks on air. Bekka rings the bell and fortunately Mr. Jones opens the door right away. "Hello Bekka." "Sorry Mr. Jones, I have to pee!" and he steps aside as she runs around him to get to the bathroom.

When she returns, he is laughing. "Sorry about that Mr. Jones." He replied "We knew it was going to get crazy at Troy's party. That guy is the best, huh Bekka?" Bekka agrees and replies, "He is the best, Mr. Jones. Thanks...Got to go...Bye." "Bye, Bekka. Have fun and say hi to Troy".

Bekka makes her way back to Troy's house. The party is getting out of control! There is a college freshman vomiting in Troy's hedges, and you can hear people screaming and being raucous. Winding her way through the crowd, Bekka goes to a table where they are playing drinking games. Troy is nowhere to be seen. She asks one of the jocks where Troy is. He
just shrugs and continues with the game.

Monday, January 23, 2006

College Poker Girl entry eight

Troy's Party

Troy's house is in full party mode! The yard is decorated with candle lamps leading up to the house. The driveway is jammed, as well as both sides of the street three blocks back.

In the house a group of four super jocks and four cheerleaders, including Troy and Bekka, are playing drinking games. Even though it is still early, everyone is a little wasted. Troy stands up and shouts "I own this town, everybody drink up!" He then sits down and whispers in a drunken slur "Babe, you are the only one for me. How many kids are we going to have?" Bekka flushes and smiles happily. When Troy drinks he gets very romantic and says many things that he won't remember when he sobers up.

Bekka has a small bladder and even after a few drinks she feels a surging pressure. She tells Troy "I have to pee, I'll be right back." Troys responds with "Okay Babe, I'll hold the fort down." He then lifts her into the air and shouts "This is the future Mrs. Troy!"

The house is jam-packed with celebrants and Bekka is having a hard time navigating through the drunken throng. She heads toward the upstairs bathroom stepping over couples making out, each in various stages of undressing. People are pounding on the bathroom door; and Bekka sees that the line is too long. She knows she can't wait, so she goes back downstairs. That bathroom has an even longer line.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

College Poker Girl entry seven

It's easy to understand why Turner is so popular with the college crowd. He is in his late 30's, tall and lean with an athletic build and has light blonde hair. Everyone feels comfortable around Turner; he is easy going with a great sense of humor.

Friday, January 20, 2006

College Poker Girl entry six

"Anna is playing cards at Turner's tonight." Bekka somewhat reluctantly tells Troy. "Whaaat? You have to be kidding, this is the event of the summer! Bekka, what about you and Jill?"

"You know I'll be there Troy. Jill, how about you?" Bekka asks, hoping that Jill will have made up her mind to go to the party since Troy joined them. "I'm going to hang with Anna, Bekka. We don't have a college trust fund like your super parents set up."

Bekka has a quick terse response to Jill's answer. "I have parents? Well, Dad is off to Europe for some big meeting and Mom is at a neurosurgeons' convention in Dallas. You'll notice they aren't here at my graduation! Troy, you'd better give me 110% of your attention tonight! My friends are deserting me." Troy puts his arm around Bekka and gives her a quick kiss. "You know I'll always be there for you Bekka."
After the graduation ceremony is over, Anna and Jill make final plans for their evening at Turner's. Turner is a small time poker pro who pays the bills as a fill in instructor at the local community college. He has almost enough credits for a Master's Degree, but lacks the motivation to climb the corporate ladder.
Turner is gifted with a high IQ and excellent math skills. He is satisfied to earn his living as a mathematics tutor, and has always felt that material things are not a means to an end. For the past few years, Turner has earned extra cash by organizing Friday night card games at his home.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

College Poker Girl entry five

Mervin, school computer geek, poker confidant and Anna admirer stumbles up. "Hey girls....” Mervin looks longingly at Anna with hopeful eyes
Anna, are you going to play at Turner's poker game tonight? There are some guys from mesa community college coming tonight fresh off a viewing of Rounders ( Rounders was an 80’s cult movie classic about poker starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) - easy prey with loads of cash and big egos."

Anna turns to him "I'm in, Mervin. earning some extra cash beating those guys at poker could really help with my first semester tuition at Chaparral Community college.

Jill loathes Troy and his minions but will often accompany Bekka to his self-glorifying parties to support Bekka, at this point Jill is still trying to decide what she wants to do. Jill turns to Bekka “ sorry Bekka I am with the poker crew tonight”
Bekka smiles and tells Jill it is all right but inside she is devastated, at least Troy will be there.

Troy finishes his speech to thundering applause. Anna, Jill and Mervin didn't hear a single word he said, and Bekka never missed a syllable. He swaggers over to where they are sitting, lifts Bekka to her feet and gives her a huge hug and kiss. Troy spots little Mervin over Bekkas shoulder and sneers
"Beat it moron!" Mervin gives the girls a quick goodbye and scampers quickly away, Troy turns to looks at the girls with exasperation,
"Why on earth do you girls let that little geek hang around?"
"Troy, get over it." Anna replies angrily as her face flushes red, "Your superstar days are over! Mervin will probably be able to
buy and sell you in five years." Troy smirks, "Yeah right - forget that little low life ladies. Be sure to be at the party tonight by 9. The buzz is that it will be a full house and we'll have to keep people out."

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

College Poker Girl entry four

At first glance, Troy looks like your typical high school star athlete. He has sandy brown hair with a lean athletic build. Being the youngest child in the family, Troy was bullied by his two older brothers. This, along with the reality of his parent's troubled marriage, gave him an inferiority complex even though he matured into a good looking, popular student. High school often seems to be the "great mirage" with the popular crowd suffering many of the same insecurities as the nameless and faceless, much as the extras on a movie set.

Eyebrows rise as Troy walks to the podium to speak. Anna says, "Ummm....hellooo! What is that moron doing there? He is in the bottom third of our graduating class!" Jill quickly answers, "For those who care, Troy is the high school savior who brought three state titles to our school; and in this school, academics always come in second!"

Anna leans forward in her chair and pretends to bow. "All hail the conquering hero!" Bekka elbows Anna, looks dreamily at Troy and replies, "Girl, that's my future husband you are talking about." Anna and Jill roll their eyes in unison.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

College Poker Girl entry Three

It is clear by the body language and positioning of the three girls who is the leader. The two brunettes are facing towards the blonde in the middle as if she is the leader of the group. Anna in fact is the leader, but not in a snobby or stuck up way. She seems to exude such positive energy towards the other two that it appears as if the three are a single unit.

Anna, is smiling and nodding at the other two girls. With her shoulder length hair, friendly smile and engaging personality, Anna looks like the cute, blue-eyed girl next girl. Girls love her. Anna emanates inner strength. She is strong, intelligent and caring, but like everyone else in the world she has problems.

Accepted by the fringe groups of adolescents in high school, Anna was a slightly above average student who had no aspirations of going to an Ivy League school. Her major in college is General studies, but her passion is playing poker and being with her two good friends at this time in her life. She is a very aggressive and talented poker player. She currently has no boyfriend and takes no bs from anyone, but she can also hang out with the guys, drink shots and get loud.

Jill, the tall golden bronzed girl to her right, is gesturing with her hands and talking excitedly. She is a 6 ft tall, ex high school track athlete who is super competitive. She is tomboyish in build - long, flat chested and leggy. A cute face with high cheekbones, faint freckles and long brunette hair finish the picture.

Jill is the most outspoken of the "College Poker Girls", a talk first-think second fireplug. If you were to compare Jill to a predator in the wild, she would be a cheetah on the African plains, sleek but with a quiet powerful demeanor. Jill is ferociously protective of her friends, especially the somewhat meek Bekka.

The third girl in the group, Bekka, is an absolutely stunning raven haired brunette with a small svelte frame but somewhat large bosoms. The guys love her shape and are often very vocal about it, which has made her very self conscious of her appearance. High school girls dream of having her figure; Bekka views her large breasts as a curse! She has a cautious stance like a fawn in the meadow, attentive and alert but somewhat vulnerable. Bekka is a nurturer by nature, and is the type to pick up any stray dog, cat or bird she finds. Her downfall is her boyfriend, Troy, who beneath his cocky all star athlete image battles several demons which causes untold damage on the people around him.

College Poker Girl entry 2

Graduation Day
The Chaparral High School Graduation in Phoenix, Arizona is in full swing. The commencement date of May 12 would be considered quite early in some parts of the country. All Arizona high schools schedule early graduation dates to combat the blistering onslaught of summer heat. Arizona is well known for the stifling temperatures that overthrow spring like a hot meteor burning through the earth's atmosphere.
There is a reason that Phoenix leads the nation in single-family homes equipped with a pool. In simple words, it gets DAMM HOT there in summer! The Snowbirds, or Winter visitors from Canada and the upper Midwest who nest in comfortable retirement communities, have long since flown back to their summer homes.
The Chaparral graduation ceremony is blessed with perfect weather. Phoenix is experiencing a beautiful dry 85-degree day with a slight breeze flowing through the Valley of the Sun. The students are lined up in their caps and gowns waiting to be called to the podium to accept their diplomas. The air is electric with the hope and excitement that the end of school brings. The graduates are nervous as to what the next step in their lives will be. They are overjoyed in overcoming the first hurdle towards adulthood. Parents, friends and relatives fill the stands; and they point and clap as their loves ones approach the stage.
The three best friends have just received their diplomas and are now seated in the back right of the podium in what feels like a cattle holding pen. The oncoming flow of graduates remind them of a line of ants on the march home from a successful picnic!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The College Poker Girl Story

Hello All here is the first installment of a story loosely based on my life in the last year with some fictional elements included

Hope You Enjoy

College Poker Girls
This story evolves around three close girlfriends and the events that encompass them during the month of June after their high school graduation. Unbeknownst to the girls, someone very close to them is out to destroy anything good they come in contact with. The story unfolds as Anna, the main character in the story, wins a spot to play in the World Series of Poker championship in Las Vegas Nevada. Along the way, they encounter many seemingly unrelated events intended to derail their journey to Las Vegas and the World Famous Poker tournament.
Anna and her crew are not included among the high school social elite, which consists of the prom court, the top athletes and the popularity contest crowd. They are only a step away from this group, however, and even after high school graduation they are still acknowledged with a passing wave or nod.
On the second tier if you can call it that, Anna and her friends are attractive and fun, but not condescending. They garnered little high school jealousy or hatred. In reality they have always been accepted as non-threatening. They have never been dismissed or reviled, if you want to call it that, as compared to the so-called social outcasts, the burnouts, nerds, or Goths, or whatever else the high school non conformists were labeled at that time.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dropping out of College

I am done with ASU , I am looking into getting an online degree

Being able to attend a regular class is is not possible for me at this time in my life.

Work, and other issues have depleted my inner reserve. I looked at a couple of
  • online college degree websites to see how much they cost and if financing was avaliable/

    On a side note this surfer dude sent me another link to another blog suprise surpise
  • Tim Gilberg well i wish him good luck and Tim please send me no more requests for blog postings

    Thank You Anna

  • Monday, January 02, 2006

    Sometimes Playing poker sucks

    3 months of gloom, I had been told this happens. I started out fantastic