Wednesday, January 25, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 10

Bekka heads upstairs and looks in all the rooms; she even checks the closets. She asks everyone she meets if they have seen Troy. Finally someone says they saw him by the back study downstairs about 10 minutes ago. The music is thundering as Bekka thanks the student and starts for the back study. She stops as if frozen in her tracks! Troy is making out with Amy in the far dimly lit corner! "How could he?" Bekka says to herself as she holds her hand to her mouth. She turns and runs out of the house, knocking over a vase and bumping into several students causing their drinks to fly skyward.

Seeing Bekka run, Troy's friend, Jay turns and sees Troy and the coed making out and just shakes his head. Bekka runs to her car, turns on the ignition and as she screeches off, she pulls out her cell phone and dials Anna's number.


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