Thursday, January 26, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 11

Poker Evening
Meanwhile, Anna and Jill are at the poker tournament that Turner is hosting. There are two tables set up, with ten players at each table. It looks like a nice mix of players; mainly students and young professionals. Anna and Jill are the only girls playing, one sitting at each table. Anna's cell phone rings, and she checks the number. It's Bekka. "Uh, oh. Hope this isn't trouble."

Bekka is sobbing. "It is so hard to understand Troy. I left for twenty minutes to pee; when I got back he was making out with Amy. Why does he do this to me? Just before I left he was talking about getting married and having kids."

"What a jerk!" Anna thinks. Luckily she responds in a very calm voice "Bekka, go straight home. Jill and I will leave now and meet you there. Do not go anywhere else, do you understand?" Still sobbing, Bekka replies "I am so mad!" Jill repeats Anna's words, "Did you hear, Bekka? Go home now please! We'll be there in fifteen minutes, okay?" This time Bekka seems to hear and says "Okay".

In the four hours they've been playing, Anna has tripled her original buy in of $200. The other players have been grumbling about her "beginner's luck"; but Anna knows that she could beat the whole table if she had enough time. "Sorry guys, gotta bail, girlfriend trouble. Jill, let's go. Turner, we need to cash out fast. Bekka needs us." "No problem, hon" Turner relies.

"Hey, wait!" one of the college preppy guys is not happy. "This is bullshit. What is this,
Hit and Run Poker? She ain't leaving til we get a chance to get our money back." Two other college players grumble similar comments. Turner isn't going to stand for this "Sit your ass down and shut the hell up! There's no time limit for any player here. If you ever want to play again you'll zip it!" The college preppy, knowing that this is the main poker game in town decides to count his losses and sits back down sheepishly.

Anna takes her chips to Turner and he gives her the money. Then he gives her a big hug.
"Man, the thing with Troy is he just doesn't run a girl over and move in, he puts it in reverse and runs her over again." Jill replies "We know Troy has a stranglehold on Bekka." Anna finishes the conversation with "We'll keep fighting the good fight, Turner."


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