Saturday, January 28, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 12

Dinner at El Torrito - Anna & Jill

Anna and Jill are enjoying dinner at their favorite Mexican grill. It's only been a few weeks since graduation and the massive breakup of Troy and Bekka at Troy's high school graduation bash, but events surrounding the girls have been chaotic! Troy's fortunes have come to a crashing halt. He tore his left knee up playing pick up basketball; and all the scholarship offers rolled away like a tumbleweed through a deserted western town. His high school grades were too low to get any college help so Troy is now the Assistant Manager/Head Bartender at the popular El Torrito's. He hasn't lost any of his appeal, however, and he still has a bevy of high school beauties fawning over him.

"Why did we come here?" Jill asks Anna. "The sight of that scumbag, Troy, makes me ill."
Anna's answer is simple, "You know they have the best enchiladas in town, and he doesn't make the food so we are safe there. Anyway, he's in the back." Jill now says, "Can you believe it's been three weeks and counting since Bekka gave him the boot?" Anna hardly lets her finish before she pops out with, "and without your help! James was right. Just support Bekka and let her make her own decisions."

Jill goes on to tell Anna that Troy has been spreading the word all over town that he has changed his ways and he'll do anything to get Bekka back. "He does still pack them in, though, doesn't he?" Anna says as she nods her head towards a table of high school girls who are waiting for Troy to make an appearance. As if waiting for a cue, Troy saunters into the room and heads for the high school girls' table. "Oh,oh, Here comes Tom Cruise in cocktail all over again. I can see Troy's name in lights!" Anna announces and both girls laugh.


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