Tuesday, January 24, 2006

College Poker Girl entry 9

By this time Bekka is suffering from intense pain from the pressure on her bladder. She bolts out of the house and runs next door to the neighbors' house. Luckily she knows them - Mr. Jones is the assistant football coach and thinks Troy walks on air. Bekka rings the bell and fortunately Mr. Jones opens the door right away. "Hello Bekka." "Sorry Mr. Jones, I have to pee!" and he steps aside as she runs around him to get to the bathroom.

When she returns, he is laughing. "Sorry about that Mr. Jones." He replied "We knew it was going to get crazy at Troy's party. That guy is the best, huh Bekka?" Bekka agrees and replies, "He is the best, Mr. Jones. Thanks...Got to go...Bye." "Bye, Bekka. Have fun and say hi to Troy".

Bekka makes her way back to Troy's house. The party is getting out of control! There is a college freshman vomiting in Troy's hedges, and you can hear people screaming and being raucous. Winding her way through the crowd, Bekka goes to a table where they are playing drinking games. Troy is nowhere to be seen. She asks one of the jocks where Troy is. He
just shrugs and continues with the game.


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