Monday, January 23, 2006

College Poker Girl entry eight

Troy's Party

Troy's house is in full party mode! The yard is decorated with candle lamps leading up to the house. The driveway is jammed, as well as both sides of the street three blocks back.

In the house a group of four super jocks and four cheerleaders, including Troy and Bekka, are playing drinking games. Even though it is still early, everyone is a little wasted. Troy stands up and shouts "I own this town, everybody drink up!" He then sits down and whispers in a drunken slur "Babe, you are the only one for me. How many kids are we going to have?" Bekka flushes and smiles happily. When Troy drinks he gets very romantic and says many things that he won't remember when he sobers up.

Bekka has a small bladder and even after a few drinks she feels a surging pressure. She tells Troy "I have to pee, I'll be right back." Troys responds with "Okay Babe, I'll hold the fort down." He then lifts her into the air and shouts "This is the future Mrs. Troy!"

The house is jam-packed with celebrants and Bekka is having a hard time navigating through the drunken throng. She heads toward the upstairs bathroom stepping over couples making out, each in various stages of undressing. People are pounding on the bathroom door; and Bekka sees that the line is too long. She knows she can't wait, so she goes back downstairs. That bathroom has an even longer line.


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