Thursday, January 19, 2006

College Poker Girl entry five

Mervin, school computer geek, poker confidant and Anna admirer stumbles up. "Hey girls....” Mervin looks longingly at Anna with hopeful eyes
Anna, are you going to play at Turner's poker game tonight? There are some guys from mesa community college coming tonight fresh off a viewing of Rounders ( Rounders was an 80’s cult movie classic about poker starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) - easy prey with loads of cash and big egos."

Anna turns to him "I'm in, Mervin. earning some extra cash beating those guys at poker could really help with my first semester tuition at Chaparral Community college.

Jill loathes Troy and his minions but will often accompany Bekka to his self-glorifying parties to support Bekka, at this point Jill is still trying to decide what she wants to do. Jill turns to Bekka “ sorry Bekka I am with the poker crew tonight”
Bekka smiles and tells Jill it is all right but inside she is devastated, at least Troy will be there.

Troy finishes his speech to thundering applause. Anna, Jill and Mervin didn't hear a single word he said, and Bekka never missed a syllable. He swaggers over to where they are sitting, lifts Bekka to her feet and gives her a huge hug and kiss. Troy spots little Mervin over Bekkas shoulder and sneers
"Beat it moron!" Mervin gives the girls a quick goodbye and scampers quickly away, Troy turns to looks at the girls with exasperation,
"Why on earth do you girls let that little geek hang around?"
"Troy, get over it." Anna replies angrily as her face flushes red, "Your superstar days are over! Mervin will probably be able to
buy and sell you in five years." Troy smirks, "Yeah right - forget that little low life ladies. Be sure to be at the party tonight by 9. The buzz is that it will be a full house and we'll have to keep people out."


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