Wednesday, January 18, 2006

College Poker Girl entry four

At first glance, Troy looks like your typical high school star athlete. He has sandy brown hair with a lean athletic build. Being the youngest child in the family, Troy was bullied by his two older brothers. This, along with the reality of his parent's troubled marriage, gave him an inferiority complex even though he matured into a good looking, popular student. High school often seems to be the "great mirage" with the popular crowd suffering many of the same insecurities as the nameless and faceless, much as the extras on a movie set.

Eyebrows rise as Troy walks to the podium to speak. Anna says, "Ummm....hellooo! What is that moron doing there? He is in the bottom third of our graduating class!" Jill quickly answers, "For those who care, Troy is the high school savior who brought three state titles to our school; and in this school, academics always come in second!"

Anna leans forward in her chair and pretends to bow. "All hail the conquering hero!" Bekka elbows Anna, looks dreamily at Troy and replies, "Girl, that's my future husband you are talking about." Anna and Jill roll their eyes in unison.


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