Friday, January 20, 2006

College Poker Girl entry six

"Anna is playing cards at Turner's tonight." Bekka somewhat reluctantly tells Troy. "Whaaat? You have to be kidding, this is the event of the summer! Bekka, what about you and Jill?"

"You know I'll be there Troy. Jill, how about you?" Bekka asks, hoping that Jill will have made up her mind to go to the party since Troy joined them. "I'm going to hang with Anna, Bekka. We don't have a college trust fund like your super parents set up."

Bekka has a quick terse response to Jill's answer. "I have parents? Well, Dad is off to Europe for some big meeting and Mom is at a neurosurgeons' convention in Dallas. You'll notice they aren't here at my graduation! Troy, you'd better give me 110% of your attention tonight! My friends are deserting me." Troy puts his arm around Bekka and gives her a quick kiss. "You know I'll always be there for you Bekka."
After the graduation ceremony is over, Anna and Jill make final plans for their evening at Turner's. Turner is a small time poker pro who pays the bills as a fill in instructor at the local community college. He has almost enough credits for a Master's Degree, but lacks the motivation to climb the corporate ladder.
Turner is gifted with a high IQ and excellent math skills. He is satisfied to earn his living as a mathematics tutor, and has always felt that material things are not a means to an end. For the past few years, Turner has earned extra cash by organizing Friday night card games at his home.


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