Tuesday, January 17, 2006

College Poker Girl entry Three

It is clear by the body language and positioning of the three girls who is the leader. The two brunettes are facing towards the blonde in the middle as if she is the leader of the group. Anna in fact is the leader, but not in a snobby or stuck up way. She seems to exude such positive energy towards the other two that it appears as if the three are a single unit.

Anna, is smiling and nodding at the other two girls. With her shoulder length hair, friendly smile and engaging personality, Anna looks like the cute, blue-eyed girl next girl. Girls love her. Anna emanates inner strength. She is strong, intelligent and caring, but like everyone else in the world she has problems.

Accepted by the fringe groups of adolescents in high school, Anna was a slightly above average student who had no aspirations of going to an Ivy League school. Her major in college is General studies, but her passion is playing poker and being with her two good friends at this time in her life. She is a very aggressive and talented poker player. She currently has no boyfriend and takes no bs from anyone, but she can also hang out with the guys, drink shots and get loud.

Jill, the tall golden bronzed girl to her right, is gesturing with her hands and talking excitedly. She is a 6 ft tall, ex high school track athlete who is super competitive. She is tomboyish in build - long, flat chested and leggy. A cute face with high cheekbones, faint freckles and long brunette hair finish the picture.

Jill is the most outspoken of the "College Poker Girls", a talk first-think second fireplug. If you were to compare Jill to a predator in the wild, she would be a cheetah on the African plains, sleek but with a quiet powerful demeanor. Jill is ferociously protective of her friends, especially the somewhat meek Bekka.

The third girl in the group, Bekka, is an absolutely stunning raven haired brunette with a small svelte frame but somewhat large bosoms. The guys love her shape and are often very vocal about it, which has made her very self conscious of her appearance. High school girls dream of having her figure; Bekka views her large breasts as a curse! She has a cautious stance like a fawn in the meadow, attentive and alert but somewhat vulnerable. Bekka is a nurturer by nature, and is the type to pick up any stray dog, cat or bird she finds. Her downfall is her boyfriend, Troy, who beneath his cocky all star athlete image battles several demons which causes untold damage on the people around him.


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