Monday, January 16, 2006

The College Poker Girl Story

Hello All here is the first installment of a story loosely based on my life in the last year with some fictional elements included

Hope You Enjoy

College Poker Girls
This story evolves around three close girlfriends and the events that encompass them during the month of June after their high school graduation. Unbeknownst to the girls, someone very close to them is out to destroy anything good they come in contact with. The story unfolds as Anna, the main character in the story, wins a spot to play in the World Series of Poker championship in Las Vegas Nevada. Along the way, they encounter many seemingly unrelated events intended to derail their journey to Las Vegas and the World Famous Poker tournament.
Anna and her crew are not included among the high school social elite, which consists of the prom court, the top athletes and the popularity contest crowd. They are only a step away from this group, however, and even after high school graduation they are still acknowledged with a passing wave or nod.
On the second tier if you can call it that, Anna and her friends are attractive and fun, but not condescending. They garnered little high school jealousy or hatred. In reality they have always been accepted as non-threatening. They have never been dismissed or reviled, if you want to call it that, as compared to the so-called social outcasts, the burnouts, nerds, or Goths, or whatever else the high school non conformists were labeled at that time.



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