Wednesday, February 08, 2006

College Poker Girl entry eighteen

Anna realizes she has talked longer than she should. "I'll be back later; I have to keep those wolves' whistles whetted." "OMG! She's a poet too! Poker skills, beauty and brains. I'll just have to marry you!" James is teasing again.

James doesn't sit alone more than a minute or two before a stunning topless dancer approaches him. James has witnessed this dancer before although her beauty and figure put her at the elite of the club, she does not have many repeat customers.
One point that many exotic dancers often miss is that men are looking for a connection of some kind. The dancers think if they have larger boobs or sexier outfits it will make them earn more. Some of the most successful dancers are not the most attractive. They simply listen to the gentlemen as they state their life’s problems and concerns. Beauty alone will get you in the door but it will not keep the men coming back. As James looks deeply into the beauties eyes he observes she has a vacant or robotic glare, she sees you simply as a $50 or $100 bill with no face or features
Dancing has become as automatic as driving your car to work on autopilot and the men can sense that.

"Hey honey, I'll give you the ride of your life!" she coos. "No thanks gorgeous, just here for a little conversation." She's not going to give up, not quite yet. She leans over and nudges her ample bosoms across his face. James feels absolutely no attraction to her, or to any of the other super knockouts roaming the place like caged Cheetah's waiting to pounce.

James has never been a big fan of topless bars. Two of his clients wanted to visit this club instead of having an ordinary lunch meeting; it was a chance to go to a strip club without risking grief from their wives. This is how he met Anna. As she served him a Heineken, he was struck by her wholesomeness and aura. He couldn't wait to hear about her life and find out more about her

It has been three months since their first meeting. James is now a Tuesday night regular at the bar. Over time they learned that they have a lot in common, plus they both love poker. Anna comes back with his second Heineken. "I see the sharks are circling, dear James." He quips, "Ahh, but I am armed with anti-stripper repellent. It's specially made for me, guaranteed to smell like poverty and scare anyone looking for money away!" Anna laughs, "You kill me, James! Got to run again and pay the bills. Hope to see you Friday." James says, "I'm out of here anyway. Til then..." He watches her walk away and then he leaves.


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