Saturday, February 04, 2006

College Poker Girl entry fifteen

As Anna breaks the opening shot, she talks to Jill about online poker. She plays a few hours here and there and has done remarkably well. During the last week she made over $600. "That's awesome!" Jill responds. "I prefer playing at Turner's. I don't have a credit card anyway and you need one to play for real money. You know I never want to play just for fun. By the way, loser buys the pitcher!"

Anna agrees and then says "Wouldn't it be awesome to go to Vegas for the World Series of Poker?" "Yeahhh, right! At $10,000 buy in--are you going to rob a bank?" Jill answers skeptically. "Jill, there are online satellite tournaments you can enter for $39. Sure there are 500 players to beat; but it would be worth a shot. The last two World Series of Poker Champions are online players and that's how they won their seats."

Jill puts in 3 balls in a row. "You have the talent girl. You have been playing and watching live poker at Turner's for years." "Well, I am going to give it a few tries. I'll let you know how it goes. Here's for the win baby!" Anna says as she eyes up a tough 2 ball combination and hits it to win." They share a high five!

"Jill, we'd better roll, okay? I have school tomorrow." Both girls smile and wave goodbye to the bartender and their friends on their way out. They walk through the alley back to the car they had left parked at El Torrito. They see Troy's car and jokingly wish they had some toilet paper so they could decorate it. "Shhhh, wait. Anna, looks like someone's in there." They crouch down and slide over. "A big ass moon hits the windshield! OMFG, Troy is doing the nasty in the backseat with some waitress!" They run to their car laughing and thinking that it's a good thing Troy and Bekka are over.


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