Thursday, February 02, 2006

College Poker Girl entry fourteen

Company policy is no drinking during work. Rick, the Manager, bailed out some time ago and asked Troy to lock up. It's been a long night and Troy is tempted to have a drink. A shot will certainly make the couple of hours until the bar closes easier to take.

Troy goes over his "groupies" and says, "This, my young beauties, is the way you do a "shooter". He rims the salt on the glass with his thumb and forefinger and then quickly slams the shot. Then he sucks the lime wedge. "Ahhh....Mexico's finest!" The girls giggle and tell Troy how great they think he is. He drinks a couple more shots. With each shot, the blonde looks better and better. Troy's inhibitions and self control are slipping away fast!

Anna and Jill finish their dinner and decide to head across the street for a few drinks at O'Malleys. As they enter, they are greeted with hellos from several former schoolmates. Anna suggests they play a game of 8 ball and Jill is all for it. She is super competitive and hates to lose at anything. "You're on!" she answers and they rack up and order a pitcher of beer.


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