Sunday, February 12, 2006

College Poker Girl entry nineteen

Kim's Family Problems
Kim's mom, Debbie, is in her late 30's, but looks much younger. She has an average build, and she has been blessed with captivating green eyes that make men stop and stare. Unfortunately she inherited the alcoholic trait that is very prevalent in her family.
Debbie is somewhat bitter and cynical, unable to maintain an even keel in a relationship. She has never quite recovered from her husband, Ron, leaving town with an exotic dancer years ago. Her insecurities and mistrust only hasten her forays down the drinking path.
Turner and Debbie dated at one time, and although their relationship ended long ago, Turner and Kim's bond never faltered. He has always provided the father figure that she needs in her life.
Kim pulls up in her 4Runner to the condo she and her mother own. She is anxious to get online. She is trying to qualify for the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. The front door is slightly ajar. Kim tenses up. "Mom, you here, Mom?" Then she hears a mumbling groan coming from the back bedroom. She rushes to the back and finds her Mom crumpled on the floor. "Mom, what's wrong?" As Kim kneels to the floor, the stench of hard liquor causes her to reel back. Her Mom looks pasty white and incoherent as she lays in a drunken stupor.

"Mom, oh my God...Mom" Kim's mother groggily lefts her head up and slurs, "Kim, all men are bastards, liars and cheats." Her head slams back on the tile floor and she is out. Kim calls 911, then calls Jill hysterically. "Jill, Mom is passed out on the floor and she looks like a corpse. I called 911. Please call Bekka and meet me at St. John's Hospital." Jill answers "We'll meet you there Kim. OMG, Call me as soon as the ambulance leaves for the hospital."


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