Tuesday, February 07, 2006

College Poker Girl entry seventeen

Another clean-cut young businessman in his early 30's wearing a three-piece suit beckons Anna. She smiles as she approaches him. "Hello James, funny we should meet here again." With a twinkle in his eye he replies "You know I come here for your smile and your stimulating conversation. Did it occur to you that I have been here on your shift religiously for the last three months paying a king's ransom for my three drink minimum?"

"How could I not notice? $80 in tips for three Heinekens is a bit exorbitant, but it does help a poor poker playing college girl!" says Anna looking at him with a long face and puppy dog eyes! Continuing the flirtation, James comes back with "I feel it's worth the price! How do you feel about it , sweet Anna?" Anna ends the game with "Okay, Okay, knock it off! Are you going to Turner's Friday night to play? Some fresh meat is coming in." (For those who do not understand poker, this means new players.) "I am" replied James, "Now, what is going on with the Poker Girls?”
"OMG James, last night was a complete disaster! Jill and I were killing it at Turner's when Bekka calls up sobbing. Troy was up to his old tricks. Bekka had stepped out for a quick pee and it only took Troy 15 minutes to find someone to make out with!" "She's a glutton for punishment - you would think she would learn." James replied with some sympathy, yet there was something else in his voice. "Someday she will just snap. Right now you need to support her. I know you mentioned you and Jill try to pry her from Troy. Sometimes that backfires and makes the bond stronger." Anna agrees and adds, "Troy has just touched some part of Bekka that she either can't or won't let go."


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