Sunday, February 05, 2006

College Poker Girl entry sixteen

Alexandria’s Cabaret Topless Bar

Finding a part time job that paid above minimum wage to a new high school graduate with no work experience proved difficult for Anna.
Anna’s friend from school mentioned she worked at Alexandria’s Cabaret, it was known as one of the elite upscale topless establishment’s in the country. No expense was spared in the club’s décor from the walnut lacquered bar rails to the $5000.00 exquisite leather couches placed throughout the club. The lighting and sound system of the facility would rival any New York or LA nightclub.

Alexandria’s Cabaret cover charge to enter was $100 so it catered to the well to do businessmen, entertainers and athletes.
Anna immediately dismissed the idea, there was no way on earth she was going to be a stripper, even at a high-class establishment. Anna’s friend explained to her she just served cocktails in an outfit that covered more skin than any of the Bikinis they wore to the beach, and on busy night she earned over $350 in tips for a 6-hour shift.
This definitely peaked Anna’s interest, it would allow her more time to play poker and study for school. Anna decided to go in and talk to the manager of the club. The manager of the club and Anna hit it off and he explained they were looking for cute girls with a warm friendly attitude to balance the aggressive dancers tactics.
It is Tuesday night and Anna is halfway through her shift wears a sexy cocktail waitress outfit and serves drinks to the men ogling the nearly naked perfect 10s who are pole dancing on the stage and asking for table dances. An attractive 30ish stockbroker infatuated with Anna sits at a corner table watching as she moves around the room. Even though she doesn't compare with the 10s as far as pure beauty and fabulous body are concerned, Anna has an inner confidence and glow which makes the 10s look like extras on a movie set.


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